Jason Franklin

Jason Franklin, NYU adjunct professor of philanthropy and chief executive officer of New York City-based Bolder Giving, is a passionate advocate for increasing charitable giving by people from all backgrounds.

Through the work of Bolder Giving, he celebrates the stories of individuals who have made the decision to "give big" - stories which have helped inspire everyone from young professionals and successful entrepreneurs to Bill & Melinda Gates, who launched the Giving Pledge in 2010 to inspire America's wealthiest families to give. He is a highly-rated speaker and advisor, working with everyone from new young donors to ultra high net worth families.

At NYU, Professor Franklin teaches the next generation of young social change leaders and philanthropists about the latest approaches to nonprofit strategy, policy change, and giving. His research explores the impacts of philanthropy on policymaking and the changing trends of giving and the nonprofit sector.

An individual major donor and foundation trustee, he is a leading voice of a new generation of philanthropists who are exploring innovative ways to give and to collaboratively solve the pressing social problems of the day.

Educator: NYU Professor of Philanthropy
Leader: CEO BolderGiving.org
Author: Outrageous Generosity
Speaker: Highly Rated Keynote

A regular in the national media, Jason Franklin is a frequent speaker, syndicated blogger and author of the upcoming book Outrageous Generosity (Sutton Hart Press).

While the average citizen gives 2% of their income, an increase to 10% could have 25 times the impact
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Outrageous Generosity - Coming June 2015


Outrageous Generosity
Inspiration and Advice
on Giving Boldly

Outrageous Generosity chronicles inspiring charitable giving stories that inspired Bill Gates & Warren Buffet's Billionaire Giving Pledge and combines practical philanthropy advice with tools to help donors from every background maximize their full giving potential.
Syndicated Blog

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Giving Resolutions 1/5 - Give More!

Thanks also to Jennifer Corriggio, Bolder Giving's program fellow, for help in drafting this blog series.
When people ask me what Bolder Giving does, I explain that we work to inspire people to...
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Jason Franklin
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